This is the official site for the Oregon Vietnam Memorial Group, organized to remember those men and women, from the City of Oregon and Jerusalem Township, Ohio, who served in the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.  Whereas we strive to recognize all that served, it is with a heavy heart that we remember the eight servicemen from our combined community who lost their lives in Vietnam.

On Saturday, October 18, 2008, the sun shown brightly on our fine city as some 300-plus motorcyle riders began the day's memorial observence with an Honor Ride past the homes of the deceased servicemen, ending at Clay High School's Memorial Stadium.  Greeted by hundreds of onlookers, rows of American flags, an aerial ladder truck that had hoisted the largest and grandest flag, the roar of the bikes announced the riders had arrived.  Their spirit began the memorial dedication ceremony as the color guards of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 35, and the Christ Dunberger American Legion Post, Oregon, paraded into Memorial Stadium, where the Joint Services Color Guard was poised to raise the flag. The Memorial Dedication Service commenced before an estimated 900 people.

You can view over 700 photos of the Memorial Dedication Ceremony and the HONOR RIDE, compliments of John Pollock, Clay High School classmate of our fallen servicemen, at his web site:  www.johnpollockphotography.com/Other-2/Oregon-Vietnam-Veterans

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May we always remember their eternal sacrifice.

Jerry A. Eversman, Committee Chairman

Email: jeversman@aol.com